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007: Scott Charlton On Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

007: Scott Charlton On Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

After 20 years in various Australian accounting firms, Scott Charlton has spent the last 12 years in various roles and responsibilities across organisations servicing accountants and financial planners. The common element of these roles is a strong component of business coaching.

Currently Scott has two roles:

Head of Strategic Development at Fortnum Financial Advisers (a financial planning group) – This involves taking overall responsibility for the business growth and well-being of 30 financial planning firms around Australia

Director of Fortnum Professional Strategies – This involves building and running a business which provides licensing solutions for Australian accountants, to accommodate new rules being phased in by June 2016

It is his second role which is becoming increasingly dominant in 2014, thereby enabling Scott to focus on an area where he has a particular interest, that of accountants and financial planners collaborating which is the central theme of this podcast.

Take away

Today is the day of the specialist. Firms in the professional service space are increasingly finding that to deliver real value to their clients they must partner with other professionals who have specialist skills that can compliment their client value proposition.

Scott’s 100 Day Challenge


Scott refers to superannuation in this video. For our non-Australian listeners that means tax-advantaged retirement investment products.


Fortnum Financial Advisors


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Phone within Australia 0409 870 330 (+ 61 409 870 330)

Book link

Scott’s book – Partnering With Financial Planners

This book presents a comprehensive coverage of an area of accounting practice which has traditionally been ignored or executed extremely poorly – how accountants can (and should) provide financial services to their clients. I strongly recommend that you take a look at Chapter 11 if collaboration is an issue for you.


And a final word from Principa

One of the keys to building a great firm comes from collaboration with great partners who can help you create and deliver a truly unique value proposition for your targeted clients. This is the take-away from Principa’s Practice Innovation Workshop soon to be held in a place near you.